Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bodrum and Other Towns

As I mentioned...we spent lots of our Turkey time at the resort, on hilly runs, or sur le bateau...but we also got into town a bit.  So much color and flavor...exploration like this deserves a better camera (and photographer), but I suppose phone snaps are better than nothing.

Turkey, we'll be back!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Le Petit Bateau

The high for all of us on our Turkish vacation was the day spent on this boat.  It was too cool.  The boat picked us up at the hotel just after breakfast, took us all around the Aegean Sea for the day, and got us home in time for dinner.  On board, we had a lovely lunch, jamming Turkish music, and so much fun.  The boat circled 5 or 6 little islands - stopping here and there for us to get off to check out an island or to swim in the middle of the sea.   The water was just so warm and so clear and so bright turquoise...ahhhhh.  

The vibe was so euro...nobody cared if our kids had life vests on (on the boat or in the middle of the deep blue sea...and btw, they did not), nobody cared if we wanted to dive off of the railings of the upper deck (and we did, all day long), nobody checked to make sure we were all back on board before taking off from remote islands in the middle of the sea, it was clear that it would be our own problem if we were stranded - not theirs.   There is so much to love about the chill approach to life and leisure in Europe.  

These photos don't do it justice.  The day was incredible.  

Photo du Jour

I rarely ask strangers to snap photos but today was the only nice day nicest day of August and it required a photo.  This city has my heart, esp when the sun shines.  Bike life is the best life, esp with little people on board.  

Little Urbanites

Drinking up city life and loving it.  We will be zipping up to the mountains in the morning for a last hurrah before school starts.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Run With Me In Turkey

Hills!  I love running hills! Stray dogs!  I don't love stray dogs!  Running in Turkey was good, so good.  

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