Friday, December 19, 2014

Playmobile Ry

P's new favorite playmobile guy, is this one, because he looks like UncleRy.  

Gift Guide

I don't love camping, but I do love a good gift guide.  I esp love a gift guide curated by someone as fab as JLo.  Almost makes me want camp.  Or just shop online for camp stuff (while I sit by the fire and eat a s'more).

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Uncle Ry

The kids have so much love for their Uncle Ry.  It's so sweet to see the connection they share.  We said goodbye to him this morning, but we'll see him again in a few days.  Dans les montagnes, where we all want to be for this magical time of year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Say Cheese

School pictures have arrived.  God I love school pictures.

Best Gift

WKF made a self portrait, and framed it in golden noodles.  Merry Christmas to me, I'm in love with it!


I am so in love with age 5 and everything sweet that comes with it.  The simplicity and happiness of a 5 year old birthday party is hard to capture...unless you are uncle Ry and you make this amazing video (set to P's favorite jam).

Merci Uncle Ry, this video is the best gift ever.


Next year I want to host a party where we sit around sip holiday drinks and create bags like this.  Remind me to do that, ok?  Aunt Peaches, I dig your style so so much, will you be my aunt??

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bummer for some kid

Sucks to be the kid that gets this under the tree, huh?

Monday, December 15, 2014

School Art Love

These first 4 are by P.  Love the influence our city has on her art.  Love.  

These next ones are things I spotted and loved in the always fabulous hallways of school

Recent Snaps

Well here comes a long and random post.

Every store in town is doing this right now...tis the season for blue stilton infused with Port I guess...
Kapla every day, this toy - so simple, sure does draw kids (and adults) in with its charm
P just turned 5, and for her school bday celebration she really really wanted cakes with her photo on them.  So that is what she got, edible photo cakes....cannot decide how I feel about these...but she was thrilled...
I usually go by bike, unless George is driving - then I ride shotgun and smile...
CP and I are working on our penis route, you know we woodn't stop at a heart...(see what i did there?)
It's beginning to look a lot like chaos  clutter Christmas!
The combination of early sunset and holiday lights makes it so much easier to peep into windows as we roll through town, this tree was worth stopping to appreciate.
Speaking of lights...I love the look of my lit bike in front of the Rijksrink at night...the kids and I went for a night skate on my bday.  So fun.

Post bday skate, we ate outside by the rink, and so fondue season begins...
Speaking of my bday (did you really believe I was done talking about it?), I was gifted a Dutch Design Chair, which I OLEV.  Merci HB.
Even the pool has a christmas tree.  Lovely.  And note that W is swimming in clothes and shoes, this is a normal part of dutch swim lesson curriculum - prepping them to handle themselves if they fall into a canal (which happens a lot in a country like this).

The view from the saddle, loving twinkle light season
These two roll home in their jammies after swimming lessons...

Love the architecture and colors around here, including the yellow trim on these windows...
Piggy the elf is back in action this year.
More window peeping.  Loving this chandelier situation...hard to tell but it is real greens, twinkle lights and is so lovely...
I spotted this amazing bomb as I ran the other day.  

Five. Really, FIVE!

Time flies when you are as fabulous as sweetP.
It feels like we just celebrated one, two, three and four.  And now, birthday five is in the books as well.  We celebrated our best girl all weekend long.  The celebration included a Gruffalo-themed fete.

When you are five you can help with the party prep:

Uncle Ry (captured in the photo above, fixing the piƱata with O) is in town and he took some amazing pictures at her party, thank you Ry!

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