Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Binge and Purge

Sometimes O travels.  When he does I tend to binge and purge.

What about the binging?  Let's start with the binging.  Oh, the binging.

Mayyyyybe I'm still on a Gossip Girl kick.  Blame KK for that.  I'm in season 5, and I think I need to see the series through until the end...right...for KK...?  Right.

I also binge read Amy's new book.  Damn is it good.  Yes Please!  Loved this article about the book from the New Yorker that HB shared.  
Don't think I could ignore all the buzz about Serial and not get sucked in.  I am all caught up and ready for the next episode.  OMG thank goodness tomorrow is Serial Day, I mean Thursday.  Even the WSJ is talking about its legit yo.  Tuning into a podcast makes me feel like it is the Y2K again.  And if you read Yes Please, Amy P will convince you that time travel exists.  She is so right.  And see how I tied all this together?

Wow that's a lot of content to take in so fast (hello, binge definition, i think).  I can hear you judging (how does she have that much time?).  I don't have that much time...I multitask well.  Anyhoo.  It isn't all media binging over here...I'm also enjoying some binge running (duh) and after just one class I plan to binge on hot yoga over the next few weeks.

Oh, and I have also been binging on brain is thankful for feels so good.  To keep up with my good work (if I do say so) over there, here is another blog for you to enjoy...

As for purging...recent purging was already discussed, in the form of extreme organization.  Those efforts continue, my closet is up next.  I need to make room, lots and lots of room, for Mara Hoffman's new Guatemala-inspired Resort Line.  I am going to order every.single.piece. of this line (in my dreams, in my dreams).  

One more purge note, since it is on topic.  I love this National Unfriend Day (#NUD) thing, I missed the big day but it is on my to do list.  Thank you Jimmy Kimmel!  Did you NUD?  

Text Me

This song is dedicated to my Portland girlfriends.  Each one of you.  Thank you for keeping the texting banter alive and well for the past few years.  You better text me Merry Christmas and send a selfie too....same for turkey day...and new years...and tuesdays...

Birdie, thank you for sharing this with me.  I love acapela, esp SNC!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Photo du Jour

Spotted: sweetest cargo on this BAMB bike, spotted yesterday in de Pijp

Monday, November 17, 2014

Funny Confession #307

P made a minor update to her portrait, can you spot it?  Ooh she is my girl, my princess.  



Sint Maarten

As promised, a Sint Maarten post.  Better yet, a video.

Watch til the end, the last girls are so freaking cute…"oh yea".

And here are some photos of our lanterns.  Also so cute, oh yea.

Speaking of lanterns…here is last year's tutorial from WKF.  He has changed so much in a year…and yet this video is still full of helpful details in case you are inspired to make a lantern of your own...

In case it isn't clear, this holiday is my favorite favorite of all the Dutch special days (Queens Day, Kings Day, Sinterklaas arrival, World Cup parties, Pride Parade…).

For all the details about this day (history, meaning, etc.) - go here.  To see how sweet and simple and fun it is, scroll up and watch those videos again.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Another Sweet P masterpiece.  

Mini me

P and I spent a morning together, just being us, doing what we do.

Photo du Jour

Hi There

It is rare that a week goes by without a blog post.  Time is passing us by so quickly, too quickly.  For me, stopping to reflect and post a little something is an important way to stay present and grateful.  So I'm hoping that there aren't more weeks that fly by like last week did, without making time to pause and share.

I hardly remember what made the week feel so fast and busy, luckily my phone camera roll acts like my as I scroll through I remember...what follows is not the most interesting post...but it feels good to post something.

I spent Monday and Tuesday, all day both days, with a pro organizer who helped me get my home act together.  With age I have gained the wisdom and the acceptance of the fact that my vision for how my home should be does not align to my skills, interest level or capacity to make it so.  If I had an issue like that at work, where my vision did not match my abilities, I would outsource the gap - and hire help.  So, I am trying that strategy at home.  I hated every second of the process - home organizing and everything associated with it is a total bore to me, and I hate boring things...but I sucked it up and helped out and love the results.  The pro I hired was so pro...she was easy to hang out with and great at her job.  It boggles my mind that anyone would love organizing so much...but she seemed to.  Lets see if I can maintain the good work....ask me to share photos in 6 months.  For now, I feel lighter and happier, so it was worth the investment (in time and euros).  We focused on dry food storage, toys and arts & craft supplies.  Highlights below:

Tuesday was a holiday here, St. Maartin.  My favorite Dutch holiday for sure, and one I will certainly miss dearly when we move away someday.  Perhaps you remember last year's celebration?  The kids made awesome lanterns again this year, they wowed me with their ability to sing and communicate in Dutch, and the 100ish kids that came to our door were adorable and sweet and full of good songs.  This holiday makes our street and neighborhood come together so beautifully, we are so happy to live where we live (not only in Amsterdam, but on our exact block in our exact house).  This holiday deserves its own separate post, far far away from the boringness of home organization posts.  So I will do that soon.

Wednesday and Thursday feel like a blur.  I have been working a lot, which includes late nights.  And I have been sick.  Bad combo.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are always kind of a blur because in addition to school (which is only half a day on Wednesdays) the kids have lots of activities crammed into those 2 days (Judo, Storytime, Football, Swim Lessons, Football again), so I am on the bike a bunch, which we all love. The sun sets so so so early here these days - like, before 5.  So we get to enjoy awesome sunsets as we cruise home from afternoon activities.  How pretty in pink is that sky?

Swim class happens in the oldest pool of the city - which happens to be right by our house, and beautiful.  Maybe the instructor rocks a speedo.  

This is our caravan to Thursday football.  LOVE.  

Friday, while P was in art class, W and I went to check out this place.  An entire store dedicated to Pepernoten!  It is Pepernoten season here, and we were excited to load up.  

 As we rolled home, around 5pm, we loved seeing the holiday lights all over town.  I love city living year round, but especially at the holidays!  It sparkles! feels good to catch up a bit.  St. Maartin post coming soon.  And right now, we are off to catch Sinterklaas, who came to town today (by boat from spain)...he and his (controversial*) helpers give out lots and lots of pepernoten...we are ready to fill our pockets and our tummys as we take in this Amsterdam tradition!

*Article above, via bloomberg, captures the latest in this ongoing saga.  My running friend and neighbor CP is the editor on this and many other fab stories around Europe.  I point that out, because I think it is so so cool.  I heart smart girls.

Wow, that was a long and full post, covering lots of random things.  I forgive you if you never get to this final sentence...but if you do, thanks!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday Runday

Yesterday was a sunny, awesome, fast day in Amsterdam!

The kids, their buds, and I ran another race at Olympic Stadium.  If this last race post had you (and me) worried that I had lost my mojo,  fear not.  Mama's back on near the top.

Go me.  2nd place, and a pretty fast time.  Happy racer.

Funny Confession #306

So far this school year there have been TWO days that W did not wear a nike football (soccer to most of you) uniform (shirt, shorts AND knee high socks) to school.  The first day of school and today, picture day.

Obviously I had to snap a photo.

Look closely, he is holding a lantern bulb...which will come in use for the MAJOR dutch holiday (Sint Maartin) which happens tomorrow!  Lantern production is in full swing at home and at school!  We just got rid of our halloween candy...and tomorrow the candy collection begins all over again.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Spotted this on Instagram (thank you @thefatjewish for being so good).  So funny.  So true.  We don't have these over here...although my man still brings them back pretty often...their crumbs too.

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