Friday, January 30, 2015

Funny Confession #316

Grocery shopping is much better with a cute bag

Pretty In The City

This morning brought me a slick white bike commute and a gorgeous run.  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wheelies With Capoz

MC was in town from PDX a few weeks back.  It was so much fun to share our city with him.  He was passing through AMS on business, and so we only had him for one night.  We did it up.  We hoped on the oma fietsen (grandma bikes) and rolled to de Kas.

After lots of wine dinner, the boys were popping wheelies on their oma fiets.  Not easy to do, and not designed to do it (the boys or the bikes).  O ended up breaking his chain...

Which they tried to fix....

But could not.  And so he grabbed ahold of MC's bike and MC towed him all the way home...a hilarious memory...

Funny Confession #315

Thank you HB for this recent post which reminded me the Vondelpark loop wasn't all about me and my podium drama.  My hubby and kids also ran the race!  O ran a 10k and the kids ran 1.5k.  This was O's first race post knee surgery and maybe his first 10k ever.  He crushed it.  So happy to see his knee so strong!  The kids did awesome too!  And, like all things, it was even sweeter because we shared it with buddies.  All four members of HB's family rocked the race too.

 Photos below are from HB

 These two are well on their way to ruling the upcoming Paris half marathon...

Hello Goodbye

When I landed on Monday morning, after my whirlwind trip to PDX, I had about 20 minutes to see this guy at the airport, before he took off...for a whirlwind trip to PDX.  Some weeks are crazy.

Can't wait for our next Hello.  I like Hellos more than Goodbyes.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Funny Confession #314

Last week I ran a race.  I got second place for the women (vrouwen).  It was a night race.  It was cold.  It was wet.  It was dark. It was late.  But I got second place.  So we (all 4 of us) stayed and waited until all the runners finished.  There was a podium and I was excited to step up on it.  O snapped this photo before the awards ceremony.

Good thing he did.

Because when it came time to do the awards ceremony, which was about 1 hour after I had finished the race.  The race director gathered the spectators and runners around the podium.  In the rain.  In the dark.  In the cold.  It was late.  And then he used his microphone to confirm that it was time to start the ceremony.  And then...

He took away #2 and #3 from the podium above.  And he clarified that it was just a fun run.  So they'd only be announcing the first place winner.

And at that point, all we could do was laugh.  Hard.  Did I mention it was cold?  It was wet?  It was dark?  It was late?

I am still confused and disappointed, so are the kids.  How do you say WTF in Dutch?

Photo du Jour

SweetP's latest school art, inspired by Van Gogh's Starry

All Aboard

Before January comes and goes I really do want to remember the amazingness that was our 2 week alpine holiday.  I probably won't do it justice, at least not as well as I did last year.  But this trip to Vars was as good as the last and we can't wait for the next.  

Twas the night before go time, and all through the house
Ski shit was piled up...what could rhyme here besides mouse?

Eventually we got it packed up into 4 very large heavy suitcases...and we were ready to roll...everyone had a pair of skis, some of us had 2 pairs.  Everyone had ski boots, some of us had 2 pairs.  Some of us had snowboards and snowboard boots.  Some of us brought XC skis and boots...just in case.  We had a lot of stuff.
 I already mentioned this...but wow do we love the train, esp the one that goes to the alps!
 Playmobile sessions as we go...

 Stopover...somewhere in France...

AMS <--> PDX <--> AMS

This weekend I did a mega-quick trip to PDX.  The trip was mostly for work, but I sure had a lot of fun too. 

It felt great to be in the USA!  Plus I got to see the #pdxcarpet one last time...

Ready for takeoff:
Quick tour de Pearl District en route to work
Birthday girl
It is keeping weird
My office
Hoodie was showing off for me...
Timberline Lodge, front door - this was the venue for Friday's meetings
Pacific Northwest Mountain Chic at its finest
One of my oldest colleagues from my first job out of college is now one of my newest colleagues as she has joined my firm- so excited!

Of course I had to swing by Hood River to see G and B
Hood love fest continues, this is the view from my neighborhood...
I was so excited to take a ride on this chair lift
Finally hit up the Woodsman Tavern, something that has been on my to do list for years...
My girls and I had a mama slumber party, which ended with a morning run around Mt. Tabor in all it's misty glory
Running buddy reunion
The visit was good til the last drop.  Literally.  

Six Things

Every now and again this blog overlaps with my working self.  Today is one of those days.  Come on over to LinkedIn to see a piece I wrote titled: "Six Things My Children Taught Me About Marketing"

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


 The day before we took off on our Holiday vacation, we had these lovely faces pop by for a visit!  It is always fab to see American friends as they pass through Amsterdam!  Thanks for tracking us down AE!

Photos du Jour

The best days look something like this:
 Can't wait for a grown up game night.  Have you played?
 I may never love cooking...but I do put my heart into it...
 Still loving the polka dot situation in my room...
 Play dough cookies
 Another year, another calendar.  If I don't write down O's travel schedule then it doesn't exist, right?
 Joke is always on me...and it never gets old (if you are 5 or 6)
I've been spending lots of time working the past few weeks.  This vase has sparked some serious joy for me as I plug away.
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