Monday, May 18, 2015

Confession #337

What a bright spot on a rainy day, I've been waiting (patiently I might add) for over 2 years to see a poster like this. Movie date anyone??

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Confession #336 - Prague Confessions

In addition to the beer spa realization, I have some other Prague-inspired confessions:

I realized, in Prague, that I finally understand the huppie trend and I want me some back yard chickens! As soon as I can sort out which breed of chickens produce these eggs I will buy a whole flock...

Even though horseback riding in Corsica did nothing for me, in Prague I realized that I could totally get into horseback riding. Just add pom poms and other flair, and I am all about it! Giddy up yo.

I was so fired up to have some time alone, which is so rare. I don't get lonely, ever really. But somehow, on this trip, I got so so lonely...and so I bought a companion (actually 30 companions). We welcomed our new girls home with so much love, I think she fits in so well!

Speaking of huppies...this necklace made me wish I were a teething hippy baby...

I have a very serious rule for traveling. If there is a funicular, you take it.

I am a sucker for men in stripes. He is trying so hard not to smile, don't you think?

I am also a sucker for men in pom poms. O is lucky I was not able to find a get up like this for know I looked, hard.

I tried on every single ring in this basket and none of them fit. Such a bummer.
Another good rule for travel life, when your pants match the floor, you pause and appreciate it.

Nike Women's Race Series - Amsterdam

AGHHH! Getting older is easy as long as I keep getting faster! New 10k PR last night! Felt soooo good! While I did train hard, much of the credit for the fast performance goes to my crazy supportive hubby who took control of my hydration, nutrition, rest and everything else all day long to ensure I was race ready by 9pm. His job was not easy because I when I arrived home from Prague (which was omg so amazing, posts coming soon) mid morning I was not even close to race ready (tired, sore, hungry, thirsty). Credit also goes to the Nike pacer guy that stuck with me for most of the race, he was more determined than I was to come in under 42.
I do believe that part of the success was due to the fact that my nails and sportsbra matched, details matter people. 

But ok, enough about me! This race, more than all others, is all about girlfriends - and it was so fun to share the night with them. Everyone in the photo below ran a PR. Turns out our morning runs pay off!
These gals also had a good race, it was N's birthday yesterday and I like to think I ran the 41 just for her!
HB cranked out a super fast 10k as well, I believe it was a PR and it was so fun to see her experience her first Nike Women's Night event in Amsterdam
Finish line, sweet finish line
Nike knows how to make a girl feel like a rockstar
Speaking of rockstar...I was at a bar, past midnight, with arm bands on...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Photos du Jour

Beautiful night to fly

Confession #335

I made it to the Czech Republic!

I picked my hotel, partially because it has a spa. Turns out, it's a beer spa. Truth.

Work News

So this happened this week. Lots of upside for lots of people. I have some great options to continue my career with the new team, which I am thankful for. Leadership and colleagues on all sides of this deal are inspiring and supportive. I have a lot to think about as I navigate this change.
Change can be a great thing, right? But for the record, I liked things just fine the way they were.

With so much to think about professionally, I decided tonight was a great night to getaway, alone. Here I go. Prague for a few days, just me, this guide book, some cute outfits, a confused head and my running shoes. Have you been? Anything I shouldn't miss?

Photos du Jour

Well maybe tulip time is not completely behind us...these lovelies are still looking pretty happy
Museumplein is celebrating Nijntje's (Miffy's) birthday in style, this nation loves this bunny
My fave
We were in Corsica on liberation day, but got back to AMS in time to see the flowers still in place around town
CP and I hit it fast and early this morning, our final 400m sprint workout before the big night race! I can't believe Saturday will be my third time doing this event, it is always so fun. (2013, 2014).
Well this always feels good. The next 2 days are rest days. Bring it. 
Speaking of sporty gals...check out LL and I twinning at school drop off. 
Rijks tulips are still on fire too. This whole scene is really perfection. 
W and his buddy had a blast hitting the fountain yesterday, hooray for fountain season at the Rijks!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Wisteria Lane

Tulip time has come and gone in the city, it went too fast as always. There is no time to dwell on what we lost, the wisteria is going off all over town. It is so fun to see it do it's thing.  
There is no wisteria here...but I also needed to share this green house. Amazing isn't she?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Home Sweet Amsterdam

I sorta love when vacation ends and normal life begins again. Especially when normal life looks like it does in spring in Amsterdam. 

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